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Some of my favorite photos.

Dill Garlic

This past weekend the Lavender Place Ladies canned “Dill Garlic”.  What do you do with “Dill Garlic”?  I have no idea but it was fun learning how to can it.  You can do green beans, mustard with different beer flavors, apple pie filling, peaches, beets, berries, olives, mushrooms, pearl onions, etc.  You name it lets can it!

Bi-Mart is the store to go to for all of your canning supplies.  Its a weird store here in Oregon that is a mix of Costco, Dollar Store, Dicks, Home Depot and Target.  Five dollars and your a member of  Bi-Mart for LIFE!

Thank you Kerry and Jen (the teachers) and Erica for putting this all together.

Room #32

Last day of school at Edy Ridge!  Fourth grade went by too fast.  Colin was lucky to have Mrs. L in room #32 this year.  She is an excellent  no -nonsense teacher and Colin has learned a lot from her.  Fifth grade here we come!

Thank you Mrs. L for a wonderful year!

Father’s Day

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.

~Author Unknown

Maybe this Father’s Day its all about relaxing with your favorite drink and watching some t.v. Or spending the day on a golf course perfecting your swing.  Or maybe an iPad to do whatever you do on an iPad.  Maybe headphones like the “Dr. Dre Beats” to listen to your awesome music.   What about ties? Yes? No?   Whatever it is Dads out there ENJOY!

P/S:  Moms there is a gift guide at


Today was Ro’s last day of preschool.  We will definitely miss the wondeful Miss. Jo.  Ro has learned so much and made some really cool friends in her class.   I will absolutely miss seeing all the Moms and grandmas dropping off and picking up.  Ro is off to kindergarten!  Thanks to the eight amazing kids: Samantha, Emery, Isabella, Julia, Ella, Jadon, Keegan & Jesse for a great year of preschool.  Miss Jo we hope to see you around Sherwood!

Field Day

Remember field day…potato sack, crab walk, dizzy bat, water balloon toss and so forth.  Blue ribbon for first, white was second, red was third and purple was “Thanks for Playing”.  Well now they don’t do that anymore!  EVERYONE is a winner.   What ever happened to some good old competition ya know a little “In your face” dance.  I’m sure the kids had fun…right?!  The boys wanted some sort of prize for all their running around and I said “Your prize boys  is SWEAT!’

iPhone – Phone-tastic

Random phone photography!  The app I used for the photos is “ShakeitPhoto” and its been a good app so far.

Kindergarten Round Up

In the “Sher-hood” kindergartners get rounded up and finger printed! Hahaha

Ro had a kindergarten tour of Edy Ridge Elementary.  He got to meet some of the kindergarten teachers, see the classrooms and had story time with Mrs. Grant.  All of that didn’t matter to Ro.  All he wanted to do was go on the school bus ride.