Kindergarten Round Up

In the “Sher-hood” kindergartners get rounded up and finger printed! Hahaha

Ro had a kindergarten tour of Edy Ridge Elementary.  He got to meet some of the kindergarten teachers, see the classrooms and had story time with Mrs. Grant.  All of that didn’t matter to Ro.  All he wanted to do was go on the school bus ride.

Tea Time

Ro’s preschool had a  “Mother’s Day Tea Party”  for all the wonderful Moms.  The kids sang and dance  and served cake to their Moms.  Best tea party I’ve been to hands down.

Girls just want to have Fun

How much fun can you have in an hour?  As you can see LOTS!  They were model perfect and so much fun to work with.  The girls knew the poses they wanted and where.  All I had to do was press the button and made sure everyone had a turn.  Thank you Lavender Place girls!



Life’s a beach

My son really really loves the beach.  I think he likes feeling the warm sand in between his toes.  Our trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon was a blast for him.

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