Pet Project

Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

{Albert Einstein}


“Hi,My name is Hayley. And the McCabe Real Estate group has given me 60 dollars so I can make it grow. And give it to any place I want to that I think would need it.  I decided to give it to The Humane Society. I want to give it to the humane society because I love animals. And want I  to help them live a very long life. I want to give and help animals and people.”

For $30 you get a mini session with your pet(s) and 5 edited photos on a disc.  All the proceeds will go to The Humane Society.

Let’s help this animal loving, first grader PAY-IT-FORWARD!


*WA friends… we will be up to there to pay-it-forward too!  Proceeds made in WA will go to the WA State Humane Society.

3 thoughts on “Pet Project”

  1. This is a great project and thank you for all for participating in the challenge and for the customers supporting Hayley and her Pet Project. Ninou, thank you for donating your professional photography services.I think we need Todd and his “girls” for a photo session since the dogs love him 🙂

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